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Communication Workshops
(Suited from 5 to 20)

Make your executives feel the experience of being a magician for one weekend. They will learn communication skills in a funny way following a unique system used by the finest magician in the world: "The five Points in Magic"
Learn how to talk, look, move, stand and gesture in front of the public and also learn some excellent magic tricks.

They will learn and practice magic tricks as and example of how to apply all this techniques. Imagine all your executives receiving stand up ovations captivating the public and being more sensible to their needs. Or increasing even more, your PR. Is a Perfect way of braking the ice and learn how stand up in front of large audience or deal with VIP.

Organizing a performance with the student is optional and depend of the time and space but is an excellent way of finishing the course.

All material is included.

(Suited from 5 to 150 depend of the venue)

This is and special design seminar following the standards of “La Escuela Mágica de Madrid”, one of the finest school of magic in Europe. It will allow your children not only learn some magic tricks but also learn the theory behind the Magic art. They will be able to apply these skills at daily basis in their life. Magic is not only an entertainment but also a powerful tool for communication and interaction with the environment.

All the materials are included, they only have to put their enthusiasm.
The curse is about 4 hours. We start with a magic shows open for children and family, after that, three hours of intense magic training, including “The Five Points in Magic” a funny way to learn Communication skills.

After the curse is finish everybody take all the equipment with them to amaze family and friend. But this course is not the end. This seminar has three more levels, every one full of surprises and fun.
Organizing a performance with the children is optional, and depend the time and place. But is an incredible way to finish the course.